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FullSizeRender-1Ok ok so let me explain. I thought the last quarter or semester in the university was meant for senior-itis.  Enjoy your last moments because it does fly by, reality check: it has the most amount of work and responsibilities.  So, with that being said, my bad with the lack of posts.  Learning how to manage your time is crucial balancing work, school, an internship, family obligations and trying to maintain a personal life. It ain’t easy. No more excuses…now you know whats going on.  Upon graduation though get ready for the bombarding of posts and fashion maybe even some travel I can foresee.IMG_6288

Every good or bad experience we go though is eventually for the greater good and to show us how strong we are capable of being.  Do not let yourself drown in a glass of water- I hope that translated right- it’s something my mom always advised me but in Spanish: “No te ahogues en un vaso de agua”. I think this is what I want my blog to kind of turn into, not only for fashion, but if by my writings and my experiences I can help one person out; then my mission here is found. IMG_6286

Listen, things are not as they appear all the time.  Especially now with social media the effects are even more elevated.  Everyone is trying to out do the next person in happiness and showing it to the world.  But no one shows what happens behind the scenes.  It takes a lot of hardships to be happy, and let’s admit it: Social Media is NOT real life.  It is a great avenue to inspire and create though.  Let’s not centralize our life around what other people are doing.  You be you, you do you and don’t worry about the next.  I surround myself with a lot of millennials and consider myself an honorary millennial :) and its incredible how we now measure our success based on what is going on around us.  Measure your success by your standards.  I consider myself extremely fortunate and successful.  I had a great career in the Philippines, living my dreams and had to get through a lot of crap to get to that standard of success.  Upon coming back home, reality hit and had to assimilate to real life again.  Get a job, go to school, struggle with acceptance from family and friends to readapt myself into their lives and most importantly my life.  I was lost. Thankfully, I have a great support system, my mom, my aunt and other influential women who love me unconditionally- and they kicked me in gear. Look at me today, 2 weeks away from graduation with a career that I am passionate about, Fashion Merchandising. So with all this being said, you do you and strive for your success. IMG_6283 IMG_6282 FullSizeRender-2

Look back at every experience and smile. Be thankful it happened, it happened for a reason.  If a door closes, don’t worry a window even a sliding double door thats bigger than the door could open. Be receptive of the possibilities. IMG_6284  Talking about fashion though, I am seriously obsessed with skirts with pockets.  Does anyone else shop like I do for skirts and dresses. I literally stick my hands in seams to check for pockets. Uber truth. Now with the trend of midi skirts too I though this one from H&M was soo cute.  I paired it with a plain Gucci Tee and flats and heels.  I always have heels thrown in my trunk because you never know when that lunch meeting or random date night can happen. You gotta dress the part.  Flats are my life- being 5’10”- I don’t want to tower over either.  Height sometimes intimates people (and so much more comfortable).


Hope you all enjoyed my bit of encouragement and life experiences.  If I could ever help out or give advise to anyone who reads, please comment or if you’re too shy to comment, shoot me an email.  I am always available for any of my readers. This is why I want to do this!!!! Let me know what you think!!







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    Wonderful am thinking maybe you should be a writter. Love you forward only. Un beso mi reina.

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