La Musa Awards

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Aside from fashion, hosting is another passion of mine.  The opportunity to meet my favorite artists and ask them any questions; how fun!  I get to know them, especially asking them the best tips and advice they have to offer.  From fashion to beauty, nothing is off limits.  What I especially love to ask is something they can tell us that no one knows or would be shocked to know about them.  These questions are great because it offers us a more personal side to the celebrities we all look up to.

La Musa Awards was no different.  This black carpet was filled with more serious celebrities, songwriters, producers, influencers of the music industry.  My questions had to be a little less “chisme” and a little more informative.  I put my mind in the minds of aspiring artists.  How can I make a difference and catch the eye or in this case the ears of these movers and shakers, is what I wanted to know if I was an upcoming musician.


This is pre-carpet, making friends with who ever is by my side.  This is a must at the carpets, if not you are hitting each other and bashing on the line to get the artist.  Honestly, it shouldn’t be like that. Hey, I help you and you help me, THIS way we all get the artists we need so our producers don’t wring our necks.  I always advise to become great partners with your cameraman.  He/She will always get your best angles and tell you what is the best position so you and the artists have a great composition.  Whenever I work with Red Carpet Rumba, Romai is my cameraman.  He also has his photography and videography company. Whenever I work with him, I know I will have the best of literally everything.  Even all these pics while I am interviewing.  Gracias Romai por todo el amor y excelente trabajo! <3


Christian de la Fuente and his wife, Angelica Castro are always a fabulous pair who always make it a point to chat with us.  He is a heartthrob and is so nice and his wife, I mean look at her she is just WHOA!!! A perfectly fitting couple, who you just drool to look at. f0f6608b473002243b0385bf77b895c2

Omar Alfanno, a Panamanian singer-songerwriter was such a pleasure to interview.  He was so honest and a lot of fun! His most successful song is “A Puro Dolor” from Son by Four and has worked with the likes of Luis Enrique, Victor Manuelle (which automatically in your head hear… Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, his signature chant in all his songs) and Marc Anthony to name a few. f5d637e89513f5af153bfa56ed1689e9

Rudy Perez, Cuban-American musician, composer, arranger, songwriter (the list could go on) who I have met on various occasions has not changed a bit over the years and over his massive success.  Looking sharp in this Cavalli navy slimmed suiting accessorized with a silk scarf was in the inaugural team for the Latin Grammy’s.  He has worked with such names as ahem..Beyonce, J.Lo, Luis Fonsi, Christina Aguilera and many more.  This man is a genius in the music business, but what makes him a king is his down-to-earth, humble attitude.  IMG_7442

MISTER DESMOND CHILD!!!  Ok, this master has over 70 top 40 hits and over 300 million albums sold.  Need I say more? The mind behind such hits as “Living on a Prayer“, “Dude, (Looks Like A Lady)“, “Angel”, “The Cup of Life“, and catapulted Ricky Martin into mainstream with “Living La Vida Loca“.  You want to know what I had to ask him?  Ahhhh, you’re just going to have to watch the clip. :)IMG_7444

Ok guys, here is a MOMENT!!!  This is why I do what I do.  I got to meet and interview: RITA MORENO!!! This woman is an ICON.  Many of you don’t know who she is, but for those who do know what a legend she is.  I was first introduced to Rita Moreno in West Side Story with Natalie Wood (one of my all time favorite actresses).  Let me put this in perspective for you:  imagine the late 50’s early 60’s for a woman and moreover a LATINA to conquer in Hollywood.  She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical.

Now listen to this, I was doing my homework on the artists that I would interview and you won’t believe what I read on her. Ok so, she had an affair with Marlon Brando for 8 years. Later on she revealed that she had dated Elvis Presley to make Brando jealous. On top of that, Presley wasn’t a good lover. This lady is a Diva in the best sense.  Can you just imagine that life!!! La adoro!!!

I remember dancing around my house with a big skirt waving it around and spinning it singing, America. Lol. Ok I sound like a Moreno groupie, girl crush. IMG_7431

This is a bit special.  The dress I am not crazy about.  In fact, not at all.  What I do love about it is the meaning behind it.  This dress is different butterfly wings printed on the dress.  The back of the dress is connected to the arm so when you arms are extended simulate butterfly wings. Lately, I get so many signs of butterflies and this an indication that she is with me.  More importantly, a signal from her that I am on the right path.  Nina and Titi forever!!!


Well guys I hope you enjoyed the recap of the night with me.  Till the next red or black (in this case) carpet.




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